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How To ADD a PDF as an IMAGE to a Blog Post in WordPress

Adding a PDF as an IMAGE to a Blog Post as a Featured Image in WordPress


Step 1: If you have Photoshop or other image editing software, you should open the PDF by going to File in the menu navigation then OPEN.  If you do not have software there are several free services available. is an excellent, FREE, online photo editor that closely emulates Photoshop which we will use below.


Step 2: In in the top navigation go to FILE –> OPEN and then find the PDF that you would like to open. It will open and probably complain about fonts that you do not have. It will auto substitute fonts for you so that you can view the pdf.


Step 3: Go to the top navigation and select IMAGE –> IMAGE SIZE and change if it is 1000px or less leave it and hit cancel. If it is over 1000px, change the width to 1000px and hit ok.  I do this so that the image is not huge for viewers.


Step 4: Select FILE –> EXPORT AS and select –>  JPG.  It will now download to your computer.


Step 5: Go to your WordPress Post in the admin and select POSTS. Click on the post that you want to add the image too. On the bottom right hand side of the post it says  FEATURED IMAGE. Select SET FEATURED IMAGE


Step 6: Select UPLOAD and find the new downloaded image on your computer and upload it. It is good practice to add ALT text to the image once it uploads for SEO purposes. Select INSERT  OR SET AS FEATURED IMAGE.


Step 7: Select UPDATE on your post and you are finished.


Your PDF has now been turned into an image and uploaded as the featured image on your WordPress Post.