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I already had my site optimized in the past. Isn’t it still relevant?

No! Search engines change over time. So code that was viable yesterday may not be today. Allow us to perform a professional free website analysis on your site will ensure that your SEO efforts are up to date and not falling behind your competition or emerging technologies. Dominate your competition today!

I have hired SEO companies in the past with little to no results. What makes you different?

We cannot speak to another company’s services but we have realized a 98% percentile of listings in the top 10 search engines for top page 1 listings for all of our SEO clientele past and present. The more specific you are with your keywords, the better the chance of getting listed higher for your keywords. We utilize a combination of “On Page SEO” (edit your website), “Off Page SEO” (social sharing, guest blogging, posting, network building, back link generation, etc.) all while utilizing “white hat” techniques that will not get your website banned in the search engines. We look at your business picture as a whole and not just in terms of Organic Placements. (ie: existing marketing efforts, tracking, analytics, current paid advertising and so forth)

What is ON PAGE SEO?

On Page SEO is all of the things needed technically to be performed to your website to allow the Search Engines to index and rank your website. This includes but not limited to code changes, text copy changes, image name files, compression of images, speed optimizations and so forth. The structure of your pages needs to read like a book. H1 (the heading tag first) then some copy, then the H2 (heading tag 2) and so forth. Images need to have specific text added to them, etc. etc.


Off Page SEO is all of those things that are need in order to share your website, posts, links, social, blog posts, build back links, increase your reputation and show activity to your website from external sources. These sources need to consist of HIGH AUTHORITY websites (meaning they are not spam resources).

You have achieved top listings for my website keywords but I am not getting any conversions? (ORGANIC SEO EXPECTATIONS)

We can only get your keywords listed and, in turn, this typically relates to more traffic to the website, however, once the user is on your website, it is up to your website or the page they land on to convert them into a contact, buyer, lead, etc. We can also help with this process. Organic SEO is not a cause and effect marketing medium ( meaning, once you get listed, you get sales). Rather, it is a means to get more exposure for your company to hopefully drive extremely qualified traffic to your website.

My WordPress Website is using an SEO Plugin, Why am I not Ranking?

Plugins added to WordPress are only a tool and offer the ability to lead you in the right direction when editing your website content! This is only one step in getting your website listed in the search engines and referred to as “On Page SEO”. You will have to perform other steps in order to get your page listed. And that is what we do.



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