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Amazon SEO, How To Rank Highly in Amazon Searches

Everyone is looking for the top position in Amazon but rarely do most vendors make it to this coveted position. Just ranking on the second page of searches in Amazon will increase your business XXXXX fold.

So, how do you get ranked in Amazon?

There are several factors involved with getting your products listed in Amazon once you have been approved and your products are available to be purchase. Without actually seeing your website, your products, your product descriptions, your images and so forth, it is difficult to offer general advice to get you listed.

But, here are some tips to help while you decide to call us for a free consultation


  1. Are you using the default product images? Or did you take them yourself?
  2. Are your product images named correctly?  WRONG= IMG_12343.jpg   CORRECT= Botanical Oil.jpg
  3. Do your product descriptions show benefits or solution to a problem or are they just descriptions?
  4. Do you link to other information or is it all on the same page?
  5. Do you have enough reviews?
  6. Are your products named correctly?  WRONG = Business Name then Product  CORRECT = Product Name then Business Name
  7. ETC.


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