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Facebook Marketing has opened up new doors for businesses who would not otherwise be able to connect with online users.

Creating and optimizing ads is not just a simple set it and forget it type of marketing. You have to create the graphics and messaging, upload different types of ads to see which ones perform better than others, monitor the responses, etc.

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Facebook has changed the way that businesses market to consumers or other businesses in a way that allows them to create super focused interest groups of people who want to buy your product or service.

Gone are the days of paying for a few ads and remitting them to the general public.  You can use Facebook’s Audience Insights tools to create laser focused interest groups by region, language, interest and more.

This type of focused marketing allows you to receive a higher conversion for your product or service because it is people who already want to buy! It’s that easy.

We help businesses every day with budgets large and small to take advantage of this marketing medium.

Facebook.com was founded in February 2004, Facebook
is a social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their friends, family and coworkers. The company develops technologies that facilitate the sharing of information through the social graph, the digital mapping of people’s real-world social connections. Anyone can sign up for Facebook and interact with the people they know in a trusted environment.

Facebook’s simplified navigation gives users easy access to core site functions and applications. Profile, Friends, Networks and Inbox – pages core to the user experience on Facebook – have a prominent place at the top of the user’s profile page. Facebook applications – Photos, Notes, Groups, Events and Posted items – are displayed on the left side bar, along with any third-party applications a user has added to their account.

Facebook is the second most-trafficked PHP site in the world, and one of the largest MySQL installations anywhere, running thousands of databases.

After Dark Grafx manages Social Media Campaigns for a variety of businesses. To go into depth of how we do this would make your eyes glaze over. Just know that this is another necessary marketing tool that should be added to your arsenal if you are even contemplating getting listed on the search engines.

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1. Initial consultation with client.
2. Quote is remitted to client per consultation and any further requests.
3. Quote is accepted and Service Agreement is remitted to client. Service begins after client returns agreement and deposit for services.
4. Content is supplied to After Dark Grafx about your company.
5. We then create accounts on the various social networking websites or update your existing profile
6. Once per day, we manage your social networking sites by posting content, build relationships and overall manage the system for you.
7. Client may supply any additional content throughout the process if needed. It is best to get all content to After Dark Grafx in the beginning stages of the project to ensure time constraints are adhered to. This will also alleviate any confusion.
8. Balance for project is due.

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