Beth and Don B., Eufora COO & CEO

"For the past 17 years Eufora's web presence has grown leaps and bounds, all thanks to After Dark Grafx. When we started out working with James at After Dark Grafx in 1999, we needed only a simple and static site. Our business and method of communication with our customers has changed dramatically in the past few years and After Dark Grafx was there every step of the way to guide us and ensure the successful launch of all 4 of our websites. From the concept and design to administration and execution, They spent countless hours ensuring that we were 100% satisfied with the end result. They have been instrumental in the growth of our business through internet and e-commerce while providing a wide range of exceptional support from graphics to search engine optimization.
There are so many website companies out there but the level of personal attention we receive from James and his exceptionally competitive prices are incomparable. "

Chris B., Preat Corporation

"Thank you Fast Jimmy. You Da Man! For over 10 years we have used After Dark Grafx to build our main website, our web store and an app for the iPad. We appreciate the fast turnaround time and the "NO BS" policy they have about updates and services offered."

Kimber, D & S Termite

"Quote me anytime! You have made this difficult endeavor for me so easy & I really appreciate it. I will definitely spread the word! We love our new website d-and-s-termite.com. You rock! Our SEO is working great, we are getting a lot of leads now as opposed to not marketing at all. It only took a few months to get great listings, thank you so much. "

Owner, CheckOutSide.com

After updating and fixing a Magento issue with indexing products...
"You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your hard work. We really appreciate it!"

Jeanne, BallenaVistaFarm.com

You are always prompt in responding to requests and helpful when I don't know how to work the pages.
Thank you.

Tyler, Spokane Beer Delivery

After Dark Grafx did an amazing job translating our idea for an ecommerce site into reality. taking what I assumed would be a difficult process into something enjoyable and easy to navigate with little computer experience! thank you After Dark Grafx!

Pamela T., Accordionist

Thank you for handling my request immediately, James. The website is up to date and I thank you for your help! The rating should be excellent! smile

Kathie B., Met2.org


Roger Z., Elite Staffing

Elite Services USA has given 5 Stars for your service!

Great service. No request, big or small, was ever a problem. Highly recommend them.

Jason, Air Cooled Vintage Works - Shopify

I’m having tons of new traffic, lots of new people finding me and a huge sales day today, so your SEO services are working! And fast too! You're the man!

Pamela N.

After Dark Grafx is great! I have worked with James on a few website projects and he is super responsive and detail oriented. I would highly recommend!

C. H.

This website development company did a fantastic job in updating our aging website (designed long ago by someone else) to a fresher, more useful, more search engine friendly responsive design. James was quick in his responses and thorough in his explanations about making our site more appealing and beneficial to both users and to us as administrators. He is well-versed in the MIVA platform and improved our pages and eCommerce interface to make updating and customer interactions faster and easier. Even though the company says they work after dark, we received near-immediate responses to queries both day and night. This was an investment well made as we have seen immediate increases in both traffic and conversions. I highly recommend this web design company and website designer and look forward to using their outstanding service in the future

Melissa P.

These guys know what they are doing. I have been in the gift business for over 20 years and have had my website redesigned and search engine services by other companies with little to no results. After contacting After Dark and their crew, I decided to try them out because of a referral from a friend of mine. Needless to say, I was blown away by the service and them taking me by the hand to help me understand what I was doing was wrong and how to fix it. They said I could do a bunch of the social media stuff myself and offered to do the more technical search engine marketing. I was happy that they did not keep trying to upsell me but rather offered solutions based on my needs. Thank you and I understand why you have been in business over 20 years. Awesome

Brad - Kingfisher Woodworks - Shopify

After performing yet another custom Shopify coding update. James and his team were able to offer me a custom solution to an issue I was having with Order Printer App on Shopify -

 Thanks so much for the excellent work! As always, fast and professional! 

Kathie Bretches

He always is there to help with whatever needs to happen for your account. Also he is a great web host and builder of websites. We have been with James for over 25 years .

Patricia Costa, Sdactorstheatre.net

So grateful for James' expertise and generosity with his time. He has a kind, patient, and friendly personality for those of us who are technologically challenged. Hire him. He is a USMC Vet. Thanks for your service!

James has always been available to answer questions and assist. I am very grateful to him over the years that he's been the administrator for our website. Hire him. You'll be glad you did.