Mobile App Development

Mobile App Developer

After Dark Grafx develops apps for iOS and Android.

Android App Developer in San Diego

It doesn’t matter where we are located, we have created many apps specifically for the Android operating system. Have questions? Contact us today!

iOS App Developer in San Diego

If you are looking for the right team of apple app developers developers, look no further. We have built many apps for multiple clients on multiple platforms. iOS App Development requires a specific knowledge base from user interface wireframes, design to the function of the app and then remission to the app stores for approval.

Need GPS built into your app? No problem.

Need your app to connect to your online store and stay updated in real time? No problem.

We build hybrid and native apps from the ground up.

There is a detailed process for developing an app so let’s discuss how we can provide the best solution for your business!


Questions? Contact Us Today!
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