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Google Adwords

Need help setting up Google Adwords? Need help editing or optimizing your Google Adwords Campaigns? No problem!

We can help you create the perfect Adwords campaigns, select the right keywords with the most relevant traffic, analyze your competition and setup landing pages for a call to action to engage users to purchase or contact you based on your promotion.

You can initially start with a small budget. Once we target the correct keywords for your campaigns, you can disable other, non-performing keywords that are just using up your budget.

Adwords must be setup and tracked correctly, or you are just throwing your money away.

Many people think that they can set it up once and forget about it. WRONG! You have to constantly tweak it to continually improve the results.


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I contacted After Dark Grafx because we were paying too much for our Google Advertising. They helped us remove keywords that were using up funds and not converting for us. After some tweaks, we monitored the updated campaigns and our conversion rates increased 40%!  Thank you! – Joan P. –