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How Do I Install UserWay Widget?
The UserWay Widget can be installed on multiple platforms. Depending on your platform type, WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Magento, HTML and more. We have added these instructional videos on how to install the UserWay widget on your platform
Does UserWay work with WordPress?
YES! Just watch the videos above on how to install the UserWay widget onto WordPress via a UserWay WordPress Plugin or Manually via code.
Is UserWay Free?
You can get started using the UserWay widget for free here, but it is best to sign up for the paid service to ensure that your website. Read more on the UserWay Blog.

WordPress Accessibility
by UserWay

It is easy to strengthen your Website Accessibility for WordPress by using UserWay’s Accessibility Widget in conjunction with UserWay’s Accessibility Scanner. The paid Accessibility Widget and Accessibility Scanner offer monthly scans to make sure that your website stays in compliance. We highly recommend the paid solution over just installing the free widget.

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