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Magento Hosting by After Dark Grafx. We offer Magento hosting for 1.9x and 2.x versions of Magento Open Source. In the event you are looking for the enterprise solution please click here.

We know that there are many other magento hosting companies to choose from so we appreciate you spending your valuable time evaluating our service.

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After Dark Grafx has been hosting websites since 1992 with 99.99% Uptime. We are Magento Experts!

For over 20 YEARS we have maintained our own servers that house our client’s websites, ecommerce sites, mobile friendly applications and websites, blogs, galleries, video/audio files and email services.

Our Clients give us an EXCELLENT REPORT CARD on our SERVICE and QUALITY!


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*Off-Site SEO Services = Back link services, guest posting on external blogs, image sharing, video sharing, ad posting on pr websites and others, etc. Basically, this is everything that is done NOT ON YOUR website to help with getting traffic to your website.