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Authorize a Listing on Afternic - Godaddy - After Dark Grafx

Should I Authorize a Listing on Afternic from Godaddy?

Today I received an email from Godaddy asking me to Authorize your participation in Afternic for a domain I own at Godaddy but I am NOT listing for sale.

Authorize a Listing on Afternic - Godaddy - After Dark Grafx

Do Not Click on the “Authorize your participation in Afternic” Email

Be careful NOT TO CLICK ON THE “AUTHORIZE NOW” button too quickly as the domain may have been added to Afternic by a hacker or someone trying to steal your domain name.


If you ARE selling on head over to your browser and type in and login to your account. Or login with your Godaddy account. Do this directly and do not click on the link in the email.


If you click on the link in the email, it will open your Godaddy account and ask you to authorize it again.


This email is usually sent to you IF YOU ARE SELLING a domain on Afternic.


If you are NOT SELLING A DOMAIN NAME on Afternic, simply delete the email.


Godaddy has to send the email to the record on file for the domain. So you will receive an email like this if someone else added your domain to their account to potentially steal your domain.


You can always contact Afternic and let them know that the listing is not yours and that they should remove the listing or just ignore the request, delete the email and delete any new emails that come in like this.


Be careful and if you have any further questions, contact Godaddy directly.

Thank you,

James Byrne, Owner – Information Architect (USMC VET)
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