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How to Optimize Product Pages in WooCommerce for SEO Top Page Rankings -

WooCommerce SEO: How To Optimize Product Pages

SEO – How To Rank Product Pages in WooCommerce

Have you ever wondered why your product pages are not getting listed in the search engines from your WooCommerce website?


In this video I’m going to show you how to optimize your Woocommerce product pages so that they are able to get listed on Google and other search engines utilizing the correct white hat search engine optimization techniques.


By following this SEO (search engine optimiztion) guideline on how to optimize product pages for your shopping cart you will be able to easily get your products listed with Google.


This video does not cover Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WooCommerce Setup, Rank Math SEO Plugin or the YOAST SEO Plugin, rather, we will be covering how to utilize the Rank Math SEO Plugin to help optimize your WooCommerce Product Pages to rank higher in the search engines.



There are many factors that go into optimizing your website for SEO to get listed in the search engines that include but not limited to; setting up Google Analytics or Other analytics tool to track performance, Google or Other Search Console or Webmaster Tools to find and fix errors, find keyword queries and other as well as Keyword research performed by Google Ads Keyword Search Tool or utilizing another service like WEBCEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs or other services.

Couple this with ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO as well as PPC (pay per click advertising including retargeting) and a strong social media marketing strategy will put you ahead of your competition and help you reap the benefits that this type of marketing medium offers.


If you install Rank Math SEO Plugin, All In One SEO Plugin, or YOAST SEO Plugin on your WordPress website, they will come with the option to automatically create a sitemap.xml file that will need to be submitted to Google and other engines so that they pick up and “index” (get your site listed). If you sign up for Google Search Console (ie:  you will be able to remit your sitemap directly to Google for indexing.

Note: you will need to verify your website with Google Search Console first.

Once your website is verified with Google Search console, head over to SITEMAPS on the left, then paste in your sitemap.xml file. Some of the plugins above have different file names for the sitemap.xml file. Some are index_sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml, etc. so see the plugins settings and then test the url directly by pasting it into the browser to see what comes up.

It it is showing sitemap.xml, type in  and you should see whatever is in the sitemap.  In some cases, there are other files within the sitemap that should also be remitted.


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