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Backup Your Website Today!

Backup your website before it is too late…

You get excited and create a new company website. It looks awesome and has all of the bells and whistles. The company that created your website hopefully gave you a full backup of your website, all files and graphics and the database (if any).

No? Well, most hosting and design companies will offer an online backup resource for you to easily backup your website and files, including all graphics and the database.

How important is your website?

What if your website went down and you do not have a backup or the hosting company could not restore an old backup?

You should get into the habit of downloading these to a local computer, google drive, dropbox or other online service where you can maintain a current monthly (and for the paranoid – daily) backup of your website and files.

If you do not have a current backup of your website, you should login and create one now. Don’t expect your hosting or design company to have the latest backup. It is ultimately up to you, unless you have a support agreement that states they will maintain this for you.

After Dark Grafx offers a free backup service for your website that can be automated so that you can “set it and forget it”.

Contact Us Today if you are interested in finding out more.  Don’t wait until it is too late. BACKUP TODAY!