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Kingfisher Woodworks - Shopify - After Dark Grafx

Kingfisher Woodworks – Shopify Setup, Design & Integration

After Dark Grafx announces the launch of !  After Dark Grafx offered a simple design approach to emulate but not copy the previous website. They setup and integrated Shopify payments, Shopify shipping and offered a Custom Shopify Development and coding solution to optimize our product pages.

Kingfisher Woodworks initially contacted After Dark Grafx to consult on their existing Miva Merchant Website. After discussing the pros and cons of each platform, billing methods as well as ease of integration with other apps and systems, we chose to move and re-build the entire website into the Shopify Platform.

Kingfisher Woodworks - Shopify - After Dark Grafx

Kingfisher was able to easily add, reorganize and update their custom-made wooden swords for Japanese Martial Arts product line after a short phone and screen share consultation.

“After Dark Grafx is a Shopify Setup Expert that was able to quickly integrate and setup our Shopify Store. They offered valuable insight on which free and paid Shopify apps to use. They used their custom Shopify Development skills to customize our product pages. We have over 1200 inscriptions that can be added to our wooden swords with a simple to use interface for our customers. They built a custom Shopify solution for use while utilizing one of the paid options apps to achieve what we needed for our product pages. Awesome!

With a simple, short, online consultation we were able to understand how the order and shipping process worked very quickly with Shopify’s simple interface.” 

We appreciate you choosing After Dark Grafx to design and develop your new Shopify website.

Visit them today at: Shopify Integration by After Dark Grafx New Shopify Website Launched new Shopify Website Launched with this Holiday season version just in time for the holidays. Be sure to visit or for excellent deals on soaps and beauty products.

We are proud to have them as a part of the After Dark Grafx family. From developing their first Miva site over 10 years ago to their new redesign and Shopify Development, Mistral has placed it’s confidence in After Dark Grafx once again. Shopify Integration by After Dark Grafx

Since 1994, Mistral has crafted exceptional quality soaps and beauty products. Their exquisite fragrances and superior formulations celebrate the body while nourishing and soothing the skin. With the lush landscape of Provence as their laboratory, they invite you to experience the transformative power of Mistral.



“After Dark Grafx has been an integral part of our online growth. We know that we are in good hands and do not have to worry about our website. We enlisted James and his company over 10 years ago to create our first eCommerce website with Miva Merchant. We have grown and have now moved on to Shopify to better suite our needs in the marketplace. James and his team integrated and added and recommended the proper Shopify Apps that allow us to be successful today. We know that After Dark Grafx is just an email or phone call away, after all – They work After Dark, So you don’t have to!” – MISTRAL, LLC.