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Shopify Tutorial For Beginners Part 2 – Create An Online Shopify Store 2019

In this Shopify video tutorial, Part 2 of 2, I show you how to easily edit the backend of a Shopify Store using the default Debut Theme. Shopify is a great e-commerce platform with a robust set of features to have you selling your products/services in no time.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify Here:

Pros of using Shopify:

– Quickly Start and Launch a Store
– Thousands of FREE Apps to help you sell and run your store
– Inexpensive if using free apps but can get expensive if you use a lot of paid apps.
– Low Learning Curve
– No Need for a Merchant Account
– No Need for a Shipping Carrier Account
– Easy to Add Apps, Change Themes and Update
– Easily Add other Sales Channels (ie: Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
– Easily Add a Buy Now Button onto an EXTERNAL website. (You can add a product button called BUY NOW to a website that is not hosted with Shopify but would process the checkout through Shopify

Cons of using Shopify:

– There is a 3 option limit for products. Example: If you sell t-shirts and have Size, Color, Material (you can add all kinds of variants to these options like small, medium, large, etc.) but Shopify has a 100 variant limit for these so you would need an app to extend the OPTIONS to get you past the 3 options threshold and the 100 variant threshold.
– You use Shopify Payments, otherwise, if you use your own merchant account, then they add additional fee to your monthly plan plus you will pay a percentage to Shopify in addition to your existing Merchant Account and Gateway Fees.
– If you add another Shipping Carrier (Shopify’s built-in carrier is USPS) if you add: FEDEX, UPS or other carrier there is an additional monthly fee approx $20 per month as of today’s date but this is cheaper than upgrading to the next plan on Shopify.
– No direct access to the Shopify database without an app via Api
– No direct backup mechanism without an app. You can export the products, customers and orders within Shopify but that is it. You would need an app to extend this functionality.

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You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify Here and Try it out as well as make sales before you even have to pay them their monthly fee:

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GetItPowerSports.Com – Shopify Design & Development

After Dark Grafx announces the launch of

After Dark Grafx Shopify Web Design services along with our Shopify Development services, enabled Get It Power Sports to quickly launch their Shopify Store. initially contacted After Dark Grafx to provide Shopify Consulting Services for their existing group of website brands. After Dark Grafx was then retained to perform the Shopify Design, Development and App Installation and configuration for

“After Dark Grafx offered a custom website design approach to focus on product sales and conversion. They setup and integrated Shopify payments, shipping and inventory management and offered a Custom Shopify Development and coding solution to optimize our product pages. We basically, said –> Just take care of it!  And they DID! AWESOME!” – Eric F. Owner

Shopify Designers San Diego - - After Dark Grafx Web Design San Diego

The Shopify Platform is a robust eCommerce platform with a low barrier to entry along with a “simple to use and understand” interface, this platform allows for businesses large and small to offer and manage a professional eCommerce website without a lot of training.  Easily track inventory, hook into your financial booking and shipping systems and easily manage and process orders make Shopify the “GO TO” eCommerce solution for you.

Miva Developer San Diego

Prevent Hackers from Accessing your Miva Admin

The first time a new Miva admin logs in to a Miva account from a new browser, a 6-digit verification code will be sent to the email address on file. This added layer of security will alert you via email if someone is attempting to login to Miva using your credentials.

Browser verification is a new security feature available in Miva 9.10. It adds an additional layer of protection to prevent someone logging into your Miva administrative interface with stolen login credentials. Across the industry, online fraud and credit card theft continues to rise. Attacks to steal login credentials include phishing, malware and malicious activity. Browser verification add an important layer of protection preventing someone who is not you from using your credentials to log in to your Miva admin.

Each time you login to the Miva admin via a new device or browser you’ll be required to enter in a verification code which is emailed to the email associated with your user.

Once entered, a cookie will be set on that browser which by default last 1 year. You’ll be required to do this process for each browser you use to login to Miva with (Chrome, FireFox, etc). For example if you used your home computer to login into Miva to check orders, the very first time you login you’ll need to verify your browser by entering in the authentication code which is emailed to you.

This process also has the benefit of notifying you if someone is trying to use your login credentials as you’re receive an email notifying of their IP address. If this login attempt was not made by you, you’ll then want to change you admin password as someone other then you is attempting to use your credentials to login to the Miva admin.

Miva Two Factor

Editor Note:
Although this may initially seem as an inconvenience, the internet as a whole would be better served if all apps and websites embraced this process to maintain security and peace of mind.