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WooCommerce Vulnerability - Upgrade Today - Contact After Dark GRafx

Action required: Security update for WooCommerce

Your store requires an immediate update to the latest version of WooCommerce

Today WooCommerce sent out the following email “Action required: Security update for WooCommerce”.


Of course your website probably complains about plugins needing updates but this one is serious and should be completed ASAP!


If you need help, please contact us, but be sure to make a backup of your database and site files before just clicking UPDATE.


Hi there,
To address a security vulnerability, we released an important security patch for WooCommerce (versions 8.8.5 and 8.9.3) on June 10, 2024. Your store requires an immediate update to the latest version of WooCommerce.If exploited, this vulnerability could allow bad actors to manipulate a website link to inject malicious content.


What do I need to do?

Screenshot showing the new version alert for WooCommerce.


Click this image for a larger version.


If your version of WooCommerce has already been updated to version 8.9.3 (or if auto-updates are enabled), no further action is required. If not, you’ll need to update it manually.


To update:


  1. Log in to your store’s WP Admin dashboard and navigate to Plugins.
  2. Locate WooCommerce in your list of installed plugins and extensions. You should see an alert stating, “There is a new version of WooCommerce available.”
  3. Click the update now link displayed in this alert to update to version 8.9.3.


If you don’t see the new version alert, please manually check your version number. If you are unable to update WooCommerce immediately, you should disable Order Attribution. This vulnerability is only exploitable if Order Attribution is enabled.


What is the vulnerability?


A security researcher originally reported the vulnerability to us as part of Automattic’s HackerOne Bug Bounty Program. This vulnerability could allow for cross-site scripting — a type of attack where a bad actor manipulates a link to include malicious content (via code such as JavaScript) on a page. This could affect anyone who clicks on the link, including a customer, the merchant, or a store admin.


Has my store’s data been compromised?


We are not aware of any exploits of this vulnerability.


What else can I do to keep my store secure?


We always encourage merchants to maintain high security standards. This includes the use of strong passwords, two-factor authentication, careful monitoring of transactions, and using the latest, secure version of WooCommerce (and any other extensions or plugins installed on your site). Read more about security best practices.


I use a version of WooCommerce older than 8.8.0; is my store impacted?


The vulnerability impacts any site running the following versions of WooCommerce — specifically if the store has Order Attribution enabled(this is enabled by default).


  • 8.8.0
  • 8.8.1
  • 8.8.2
  • 8.8.3
  • 8.8.4
  • 8.9.0
  • 8.9.1
  • 8.9.2


If you are using an earlier stable, updated version of WooCommerce, your store is not affected.


How do I know if my store is secure?


If you are running the latest, patched version of WooCommerce (version 8.9.3, as well as the backported 8.8.5), your store is safe. Our Developer Advisory explains how to check your store’s WooCommerce version status, and includes other details related to the update. We encourage you to enable auto-updates to keep your plugin versions current and ensure you automatically receive all future security updates.


We always strive for transparent and timely communication with our community. If you have any questions about this issue, please get in touchwith our Happiness team.


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How to Optimize Product Pages in WooCommerce for SEO Top Page Rankings -

How To Optimize Product Pages in WooCommerce for SEO

SEO – How To Rank Product Pages in WooCommerce

Have you ever wondered why your product pages are not getting listed in the search engines from your WooCommerce website?


In this video I’m going to show you how to optimize your Woocommerce product pages so that they are able to get listed on Google and other search engines utilizing the correct white hat search engine optimization techniques.


By following this SEO (search engine optimiztion) guideline on how to optimize product pages for your shopping cart you will be able to easily get your products listed with Google.


This video does not cover Google Merchant Center, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, WooCommerce Setup, Rank Math SEO Plugin or the YOAST SEO Plugin, rather, we will be covering how to utilize the Rank Math SEO Plugin to help optimize your WooCommerce Product Pages to rank higher in the search engines.



There are many factors that go into optimizing your website for SEO to get listed in the search engines that include but not limited to; setting up Google Analytics or Other analytics tool to track performance, Google or Other Search Console or Webmaster Tools to find and fix errors, find keyword queries and other as well as Keyword research performed by Google Ads Keyword Search Tool or utilizing another service like WEBCEO, SEMRush, Ahrefs or other services.

Couple this with ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO as well as PPC (pay per click advertising including retargeting) and a strong social media marketing strategy will put you ahead of your competition and help you reap the benefits that this type of marketing medium offers.


If you install Rank Math SEO Plugin, All In One SEO Plugin, or YOAST SEO Plugin on your WordPress website, they will come with the option to automatically create a sitemap.xml file that will need to be submitted to Google and other engines so that they pick up and “index” (get your site listed). If you sign up for Google Search Console (ie:  you will be able to remit your sitemap directly to Google for indexing.

Note: you will need to verify your website with Google Search Console first.

Once your website is verified with Google Search console, head over to SITEMAPS on the left, then paste in your sitemap.xml file. Some of the plugins above have different file names for the sitemap.xml file. Some are index_sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml, etc. so see the plugins settings and then test the url directly by pasting it into the browser to see what comes up.

It it is showing sitemap.xml, type in  and you should see whatever is in the sitemap.  In some cases, there are other files within the sitemap that should also be remitted.


If you have any questions or would like to hire After Dark Grafx to perform organic or paid SEO services for you, please contact us here. - Website Design WooCommerce Development by – Ecommerce Website Design – WordPress/WooCommerce Development by

After Dark Grafx is pleased to announce the launch of Thank you for choosing After Dark Grafx to design and custom develop an eCommerce solution built into WooCommerce for your business success.
Coast 2 Coast Lighting Co was in need of a new online brand identity and decided that it was time to move away from their current platform. They were interested in Migrating from Miva Merchant to WooCommerce. At first, they did not know which platform to choose for the migration. There are many platforms to choose from including but not limited to; Shopify, BigCommerce, X-Cart and more.
After several discussions and consultations on the needed functionality of their new site and what their old website was lacking, we chose WordPress/WooCommerce for this implementation. - Website Design WooCommerce Development by
WooCommerce allowed for easy migration of data from Miva to WooCommerce to include products, customers, previous orders and other pertinent data. And flexible enough to implement custom code to perform tasks that the prior system was either to costly or unable to do. With the addition of some free and paid plugins along with the excellent web development skills of After Dark Grafx, we were able to achieve all of their requests and then some.
It is important not to attempt a Migration away from Miva merchant to other platforms before speaking to a professional WooCommerce Expert who is also a Miva Expert, Shopify Expert, Big Commerce Expert, Payment Processing Expert and has your ultimate goal in mind. Like
There are many pros and cons to each eCommerce platform so it is best to use the one that is best suited for your business needs.

Some questions you may ask a designer/developer before migrating eCommerce platforms:

a) Will you be able to easily update the products, categories, images

b) Wi

ll you be able to update the actual pages of the website

c) Will your data migrate over and will you lose any data

d) Will your customers be able to login to the new platform? If so, what is the process?

e) Wil

l the new eCommerce platform hook into my current BOOKS program, CRM Program or other software you may have used with the previous vendor.

f) Will my payment processor work with the new platform? If not, do they

offer their own processing?

g) What other payment types can I add? (ie: Paypal, Stripe, Authorize Net, Apple Pay and more.)

h) How much downtime will I have for my website?

i) What about email?

These are just a few of the many questions you should ask before migrating.

If you are also in need of a newwebsite design or redesign, eCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO) or other service or assistance, please contact us.

After completing this website, we created several videos to help C2CLights understand How To Edit their Website, Process Orders, Manage Products, Manage Search Features, etc.




Please visit them today at: and tell them James from After Dark Grafx sent you!

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Wordpress Design San Diego WooCommerce Developer San Diego

Worldwide Performance Parts – New Design & Migration from Magento 1.9 to WooCommerce

After Dark Grafx announces the re-launch of   Off Road Performance Parts. Thank you for choosing After Dark Grafx to design and develop a new eCommerce website for you.

Worldwide Performance Parts contacted After Dark Grafx over 10 years ago to develop a new website for their business. We initially created a new eCommerce website for them using Magento 1.x at that time and migrated data from Miva Merchant to Magento.

Magento was the perfect solution for what this client wanted to do. Unfortunately,  migrating from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.x is not an easy task. The developers of Magento fell short when it came to transitioning from their base platform into a newly recoded v2 platform without offering an easy to use migration utility to maintain their clients. Hence, the new website.

This client needed hundreds of options for products for their needs and Shopify and other solutions were not going to work out. We ended up designing and developing their new eCommerce wesbite in WordPress with WooCommerce as the shopping cart.

We were able to export Magento data, images, etc. and import them into WooCommerce with the help of 3 plugins. This was the largest hurdle but these plugins enabled us to easily port over all of their data from Magento 1.9x.

If you need to Migrate from Magento to WooCommerce and need some help, please contact us.


Wordpress Design San Diego WooCommerce Developer San Diego


After completing this website, we created several videos to help this client understand WooCommerce Ordering Process as well as How To Edit a Website with Elementor (WYSIWYG) editor.


“After Dark Grafx built another website for us. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. They just did everything. They asked me a few questions and the rest is history!” – Greg F.

Custom WordPress, WooCommerce Programming, WooCommerce Payments, Integrated Payment Gateways, Table / Price Based Shipping.

Their employees can login and place orders directly for their phone in customers or simply send them to the website to order.

Orders are tracked and the customer is notified as to the status of their order.

Visit them today at:
and tell them James from After Dark Grafx sent you!


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Best Web Designers in San Diego - After Dark Grafx – WooCommerce Developer San Diego Web Design

Jan 18, 2021 – by: James Byrne, Information Architect, USMC VET, After Dark Grafx

After Dark Grafx announces the launch of  T-Shirt Subscription Service. Thank you for choosing After Dark Grafx to design and develop your new eCommerce website.

Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding, Biking, and Diving have shaped our lives and the world that we live in. It is now time to give back to the sports that we love. Every month Tee Bags Monthly  sponsors small independent sports shops from around the world. They partner with them to create rad tee shirts, and mail them to their customers every month. Some of these shirts are iconic classic shirts that they sell in their shops and some are limited edition shirts that you can only get through tee bags monthly. We pump these shops on Social Media so they get a ton of free advertisement and a portion of each sale goes directly to the shop to help them cover monthly expenses.

Help support and promote the culture that you love, pick a bag option and sign up today.


Who designed Tee Bags Monthly -


Just pick a subscription or subscriptions and enjoy!

“After Dark Grafx built another website for me and it was a no-brainer to choose them again for this project. I have been designing and selling T-Shirts for years ( and James and his team never fail to impress. I gave them what I wanted and they did the rest. Painless!” – D.H.

Custom WordPress, WooCommerce Programming, WooCommerce Subscriptions, Integrated Payment Gateways for subscription payments and auto recurring billing and integrated for shipping labels.

Their employees can login and place orders directly for their phone in customers or simply send them to the website to order.

Orders are tracked and the customer is notified as to the status of their order.

Visit them today at:
and tell them James from After Dark Grafx sent you!

Or check them out on Facebook here:


Do you want the Best Website Design in San Diego? Looking for the Best SEO Company in San Diego?

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