Facebook Down? Instagram Threads Down Today?

Facebook, Instagram and Threads are down for some users today Super Tuesday, March 5th, 2024

Some users across the globe were unable to login to their Facebook, Instagram and Threads account and were greeted with a User Login Interface.

When trying to login to Facebook, users were given the notice that their password was incorrect.

Upon selecting password recovery and receiving a code via email or text, you are then presented with the ability to create a new password. This also does not work.

You should allow for these platforms to come back online and do not attempt to login until this website shows that the platforms are back online.

It is best not to overburden their network while they are having this outage.

It has been reported across the globe that some areas are back online.

Google and Gmail were also facing the same issues intermittently so do not panic.

It is unclear when these platforms will be back online.

Whats App, Meta Properties and others are also experiencing issues.