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Quick Shop Pop Up Change Description Shopify

Remove Short Description from Quick Shop Pop Up on Shopify Responsive Theme

So, I am working on Shopify using the Responsive Theme and I was trying to figure out how to EDIT or REMOVE the short description on the Quick Shop Pop Up Screen.

This is the screen that appears as a pop up when you are on a collections page. If you roll your mouse over a product and see “Quick Shop” if you click this message, it will show a Pop Up of the product, with a short description, the quantity and a buy now button.

Quick Shop Pop Up Collections Page Shopify

After you click on QUICK SHOP you will see the screen below

Quick Shop Pop Up Change Description Shopify

Initially the description was TRUNCATED. Meaning, it was only showing the first 100 characters or so of my description.  This was annoying. I wanted to control what was placed in that section.

You can do a few things:

  1. Remove the description altogether
  2. Shorten or lengthen the description
  3. Replace the short description for the quick shop popup with your own text

I opted for #1, Remove the description altogether, to keep this tutorial simple.


  1. In Shopify go to ONLINE STORE on the left. Then on the right click on ACTIONS next to CUSTOMIZE button then select EDIT CODE from the drop down
  2. On the left side under SNIPPETS look for product-thumbnail.liquid
  3. Click on the code in the window and type in CTRL + F (PC) or  CMD + F (MAC) and find this code. <p>{{ product.description | strip_html | truncatewords: settings.description_words }}</p>
  4. It will be in two places.  You can simple remove this entire line of code in both places and select save
  5. Now when you click on the Quick Pop Up, you will no longer see a short description. Just the image, name, price, quantity, reviews(if you added them) and the add to cart button.


If you are interested in How To Replace the short description for the quick shop popup with your own text on the Responsive Theme for Shopify  contact us directly for this integration ($75). Fee may vary depending on Theme and Coding of Store so contact us first. We can edit pretty much any theme.