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Shopify’s 2023 Plan Pricing

How Much Does Shopify Cost To Use?

Today I received the following email from Shopify

Hi James,

We started Shopify in 2006 to democratize commerce; to help create a world where every entrepreneur had access to the most valuable tools in commerce at a price that was the best value in the industry. Today, when we look at Shopify as a platform, it’s obvious that we chose the right mission. Shopify now supports millions of merchants with the power and speed they need to compete in today’s ever-changing commerce environment. We obsess over their success, and how to increase it by building more into our platform.

The economic climate in 2023 has changed significantly. Rising costs and inflation require us to invest more than ever to deliver a best-in-class product and experience to our merchants and their customers.

Although Shopify’s product has improved significantly, our plan pricing has remained largely unchanged for the last 12 years. Today, we’re making some adjustments to reflect some of those underlying costs. This is not a decision we take lightly. It’s a decision that will allow us to continue innovating and empowering our merchants and our partners with the scale they demand.

What’s Changing?

We’re changing the subscription price of our Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plans. These prices will automatically apply to all new merchants starting today. Existing merchants won’t see a change for three months. View the detailed pricing by plan

Your existing Shopify clients will receive an email today about the pricing change. Merchants on monthly billing can switch to yearly terms to continue to receive the best price. After April 23, 2023, your existing clients will experience the new pricing on monthly plans.

Thank you,

The Shopify Partner Team”



Shopify Pricing 2023 - Shopify Pricing Plans - How Much Does Shopify Cost

Like any business, Shopify has had to increase pricing and this well thought out and responsive notice is unobtrusive and states the simple facts and does not want to make me move to another platform because of a few dollar increase which is still far less than some competitors.

I have dealt with hosts and eCommerce companies (you know who you are) who released pricing updates giving the partners and merchants 30 days to respond as per their TOS (terms of service) and then increasing their rates 1000% – CRAZY!

Well, Shopify is not that bad and you can see Shopify’s new 2023 pricing here with all the rates.

Or Simply Start a FREE TRIAL HERE and test out the waters before making a commitment.

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