How To Easily Backup Shopify Store

Rewind and After Dark Grafx Partner Up!

Shopify Backup App Rewind & After Dark Grafx

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with to offer backup solutions by simply installing the Rewind app within your Shopify Store.

We believe that this app will help provide our clients with peace of mind by safeguarding their data so they can focus on business growth.

Learn more by visiting Rewind then select PRODUCTS in the top navigation and select Shopify.

Shopify, out of the box, does not offer a backup solution. You have to either manually export files or install a back up app. The manual export does not allow you to export all of your data. Only the Products, Customers, Gift Certificates and so forth. You cannot export Collections, Template Settings or other valuable data.

This is where Rewind comes in. Upon adding Rewind to your Shopify Store, Rewind will detect which plan(s) that are available to you.  The free plan does not allow you to trigger backups manually, whereas the paid versions do.

If you could afford a few extra bucks per month to have sound piece of mind that your store is backed up automatically then we highly recommend

If you are interested in some other ways on how to backup your Shopify Store, then you can read our previous post on:



Backing up your Shopify store is a critical component of keeping your important private data safe. You can think of backing up your Shopify store as a sort of eCommerce insurance policy.


After all, there’s no worse feeling than accidentally deleting something and realizing that it’s gone forever.



At After Dark Grafx, we specialize in providing in-depth app recommendations to help merchants get the most from their online stores. We are a Shopify Expert, Shopify Developer and Shopify Partner.


If you have any questions or need help integrating Rewind, please feel to contact us, a qualified Shopify expert for a free installation into your store. You don’t need to be an After Dark Grafx client, but that doesn’t hurt either 😊.


*Note: The link for  Rewind for Shopify above is an affiliate link and we receive a small commission when you sign up for rewind.