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Reusing The What’s Popular Carousel Miva ReadyTheme

So for anyone having this issue… (and assuming that you have already have copied over the template from the best sellers)

a) locate the folder in your mm5 or miva public folder called js (this where my scripts are installed)
b) find the file called scripts.js (make a backup of course)
c) edit that file with a text editor. and do a find for this string

// —- Product Carousel —- //
cornerstoneUX.sharedFunctions.productsCarousels(‘# js-whats-popular-carousel’);
it will look like this…

jsSFNT: function () {
// —- Product Carousel —- //
cornerstoneUX.sharedFunctions.productsCarousels(‘# js-whats-popular-carousel’);


I have FEATURED PRODUCTS and NEW ARRIVALS product sliders on my homepage.

so I added this and change the ID # to your ID in your product listing file in the them (see below)

jsSFNT: function () {
// —- Product Carousel —- //


d) Save the file and upload it back to the server /mm5/js/scripts.js

e) Next Login to Miva Admin
f) Click on the MENU top left
h) Then select the ARROW to the right of UTILITIES
i) Your theme comes up –> select PRODUCT LISTINGS
j) 4th line of code down look for this

<div id=”js-whats-popular-carousel” class=”column whole float-none whats-popular-carousel”>

and change it to

<div id=”js-featured-carousel” class=”column whole float-none featured-carousel“>

notice by bolded entries above are the same referenced names as the code placed in the scripts.js file above. If not the same this won’t work. the ID=”js-features-carousel” is the most important. The second one featured-carousel is for specific css styling.

k) Save the setting – then refresh your homepage and your sliders should work.

Just though it would be nice to put a how to! Of course you could just hire us 🙂