How to Add Product Reviews Shopify Product Reviews App

How to Add Product Reviews Shopify Product Reviews App

Learn how to import product reviews via a CSV file for the native Shopify Reviews App listed above.

This app was created by Shopify for Shopify. There are many paid and free apps on the Shopify App Marketplace so you will want to review each app. In most cases, a free app will do the trick.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial of Shopify Here:


If you need a Shopify Expert or just want ask some questions, please feel free to contact us!


This video assumes that you have already installed the Product Reviews App from the Shopify App Store.


STEP 1: Install the Product Reviews App by Shopify


STEP 2: Follow the Installation Instructions and add the snippets of code to the suggested pages in Shopify.  For this tutorial, we are using the DEBUT FREE THEME by Shopify.


STEP 3: Watch the Video above!



If you have installed it correctly, a customer can write a review directly on the product page. I always go into the SETTINGS of the APP and make sure that I have to APPROVE the reviews before they are posted. If you just install the app and let it run by default, anyone can post reviews on your website, so be careful of spammers and people who post defamatory information.


Shopify Product Reviews Settings


If you need help installing or configuring this app, please contact us. It is a relatively quick process ($75) in most cases.


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