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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: After Dark Grafx announces the launch of –  Thank you for choosing After Dark Grafx to design and develop your new Shopify website.


GermBot ( is owned and operated by California Precision Products, Inc. and Election Works, Inc. They contacted After Dark Grafx after an extensive search for a company who understood their product and vision and could just take it over to provide a professional result. They enlisted After Dark Grafx to design and develop a brand new Shopify E-Commerce Website for their new business.


Shopify Expert Designer Developer After Dark Grafx -




GermBot was created out of the recent need for an all-inclusive hygiene station in the Polling Places during the Voting Process.. GermBot offers a portable sanitizing solution for offices large and small, excellent for events and gatherings and can be easily moved from room to room. It is 60lbs and only takes up 16″ by 64.5″ of available space so it can be placed in a corner or in tight spaces.

Founded in 2020 by Sandy Hed of Election Works, Inc, and Joe Bean of California Precision Products, Inc., GermBot is ADA Compliant, includes a battery operated hands free gel dispenser, areas for customer supplied standard disinfectant wipes, multifold paper towel dispenser, 5.5″ X 8.5″ placard / tablet device mount, storage compartment and a 7 gallon trash can.

GermBot offers discounts to wholesale suppliers for large orders. If you are interested in becoming a GermBot wholesaler, please contact them.


We are so busy, we just needed someone to take on the project with little to no guidance. James and his team delivered! They created our logo, then stickers for the sides of the GermBot as well as packaging. We then had them create the Shopify E-Commerce Website. They sent us tutorials and were able to explain what we needed in the simplest terms. We appreciated that. We are now having James and his team perform Search Engine Optimization Services. They made it easy for us. Thank you, 10 Stars!!!” – Owners,



Visit them today at: and tell them James from After Dark Grafx sent you!


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