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How To Combine Discount Code with Free Shipping in Shopify

How to Combine Promotion Code with Free Shipping on Shopify

If you are using Basic Shopify, Shopify or Advanced Shopify you will not be able to combine a discount code with free shipping.


There are numerous posts and requests on the Shopify Community website asking for this feature over the years but  still have not implemented this easy-to-use, and already built into most other eCommerce Platforms, function.


Shopify is excellent for eCommerce provided you do not need your website to perform too many advanced functions. If this is the case, you have four options.


1) Hire a Shopify Developer to potentially integrate your request. In some cases, the integration request will fall beyond the capability of the lower Shopify Plans.

For Instance, Shopify does not let you control the check out page and this is usually a deal killer for some merchants if they are aware of this at the beginning of a project. However, you can access and customize the rest of the pages, collection (category) pages as well as product pages and the cart, so this is usually the accepted solution with custom code workarounds for needed functionality.


2) Add Paid or Free Apps from Shopify’s app community is extensive. Free apps will, in some cases, be able to perform your needed function but most of the time it boils down to a paid app and usually a subscription at that. So now, your little $29.95 website just became $9.95 or more and upwards of $$$$ more per month depending on how many paid apps you end up adding.

So, before you start a project, ask your developer (After Dark Grafx), if Shopify will perform all of your needed functions before proceeding with the platform. A few hundred thousand businesses can’t be wrong. Shopify is an excellent platform if it performs as you intend.


3) Move up to a Shopify Plus Plan. In this case the base monthly fees start at around $2,000/mo. Ouch! But as far as enterprise eCommerce Solutions go, this is actually an inexpensive price for the power that you receive. Unfortunately, this is a hefty leap from the cheaper Shopify Plans just for some functionality that may be best added via a paid app.


4) Move to another platform such as WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Miva, etc. If you are just starting out, this is easy but if you have an established business, processes and search engine placement within the search engines, moving to another platform could be a costly endeavor. Before taking this approach you should definitely contact us to understand what is needed to perform a migration to or from Shopify and the ramifications of doing so without expert help.


It all boils down to what you need it to do and the price.


Ok, with no further ado…



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Discount Ninja review by James Byrne, After Dark Grafx

App mentioned in the video above discusses Discount Ninja.

If you already have a Shopify Store, login to your admin control panel then click on APPS on the left column then click on APP STORE button top right then you will be take to where you can do a search for Discount Ninja.

You can install it and test it out as it offers a Free Trial. So you can try before you buy. Basic plan starts at $29/mo but it is well worth it!


If you do not have a Shopify Store, you can click here to start a 14 day Free Shopify Trial.

You can then test the app above and see if this is something that you are interested in.  OR;

You can just hire us to do everything!


If you just want to read about this app, you can perform a search on for Discount Ninja. <– or just click those links.

We are in no way connected to Discount Ninja. We have tested many promotion-style apps in addition to free shipping discount apps and found that this one offered the best solutions.

*This is a paid app by the app developer.