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Migrate from Miva to Shopify -

Migrate Miva to Shopify

Migrating from Miva to Shopify? There are many things to consider when migrating your website from Miva Merchant to Shopify. Before you begin this process, it is best to contact After Dark Grafx via Chat...[ read more ]
BBB Phishing Scam Warning - - After Dark Graphics

WARNING: BBB Phishing Scam

Today I received a pretty slick email from the BBB. Or was it? Since I am not a member of the BBB I knew this was spam right away but the email is pretty elaborate....[ read more ]
Shopify Developer San Diego

Shopify’s 2023 Plan Pricing

How Much Does Shopify Cost To Use? Today I received the following email from Shopify "Hi James, We started Shopify in 2006 to democratize commerce; to help create a world where every entrepreneur had access...[ read more ]
Best App To Back Up Shopify

3 Simple Ways to Back Up Your Shopify Store

How To Backup Shopify Backing up your Shopify store is a critical component of keeping your important private data safe. You can think of backing up your Shopify store as a sort of eCommerce insurance...[ read more ]
Protect your website from ADA Compliant Lawsuits

ADA Compliance – UserWay & After Dark Grafx

Make Your Website Accessible & ADA & WCAG Compliant Is your website a lawsuit risk? Have you been contacted about your ADA Non-Compliance or WCAG Non-Compliance? After Dark Grafx has teamed up with to...[ read more ]



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