How to Add or Edit Pages in WordPress by After Dark Grafx

Ever wonder How to Add or Edit Pages in WordPress?  Simple installation of WordPress with TwentyTen Theme – Here’s how: #ADGX

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How to Link a PDF in WordPress – ADGX

Ever wonder How to link a PDF in WordPress? Here’s how:

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How to make money doing what you love on the Internet

January 17, 2012

By Teri Peters

I found this great post while scouring the net and found it quite timely and informative.  After Dark Grafx agrees that there is money to be made on the internet but you should exercise caution.  There are many scams, much wasted time spent on errors and especially,  this.  We get more than our fair share of clients who have that great idea and launch an online business with no clue how to effectively market online.  Often the budding entrepreneur will use a friend to create their website.  Even more frequently we are called in to fix the errors caused by a “nephew” or some other relative with a bit of coding experience.  This is a costly error and we’d like to help save you that lost money and the often uncountable and un-recoupable lost opportunity costs.  We are professionals at web design, SEO marketing, branding, start up consulting and generally, all things net related.

Our prices are competitive and our work is custom.  Templates are not acceptable.  Can you afford this for your great idea?  Yes.  We may advise you to keep it simple to begin with and upgrade as you can afford it but the answer is a resounding yes!  We are celebrating our 20th year in downtown San Diego but wherever you are in the world, we can help.  Please call, email or tweet us if you would like us to assist you with your online business!

How many people can say they make a good living doing what they love?  Let us help you get started on that path today.

From rags to riches, from trailer parks to white mailboxes, the climb is all part of the “American Dream.” But this dream– the equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity from one’s hard work– is really more human than just American and its ethos has never been so tangible as in the early days of the Internet. And yes, dear reader, we are still in its early days–very early days.

While the global economy has slowed in recent years, taking its toll on the job market, entrepreneurs and creative types are finding a competitive advantage online. And I’m not talking about traveling to China and re-selling Nike sneakers on eBay. I’m referring to chefs hosting supper clubs, mom and pops selling baked goods, designers building online stores; professionals becoming educators; and people fulfilling their dreams while connecting to a larger audience than was ever before possible. ….

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