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Revitalize your online presence with our specialized WordPress Website Maintenance Plans!

For those seeking the latest and most relevant information about your business, product(s), or services, a regularly updated website is crucial. This not only ensures repeat visits from your audience but is also integral to enhancing your search engine visibility. Whether you operate in retail or services, staying competitive requires timely updates on product pricing, packaging, new services, and more.

If you’re contemplating an in-house web professional to handle updates, reconsider your approach. Our team at After Dark Grafx comprises expert WordPress developers offering Maintenance Plans tailored to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Our quotes are personalized, ensuring you pay only for the specific services your website needs. We even provide a complimentary initial consultation and a comprehensive needs assessment if desired.

WordPress websites often suffer from inadequate updates, leading to issues like broken plugins, outdated themes, and insecure code. While automatic updates are an option for simpler websites, more complex ones with multiple plugins, themes, e-commerce components (such as WooCommerce), payment gateways, and shipping functionalities require meticulous attention. Rely on After Dark Grafx, with a proven track record in handling WordPress, WordPress Plugins, Themes, and all related aspects since the platform’s inception. Our expert WordPress developers ensure updates are executed flawlessly to prevent any disruptions to your website. Trust After Dark Grafx for a seamless WordPress maintenance experience, optimizing your site for the keyword “WordPress Maintenance” with our team of dedicated professionals.

After Dark Grafx WordPress Maintenance Plans

    • Our commitment is to make updating and maintaining your website a simple, stress-free experience. We provide personalized custom service, and our multi-step quality control process ensures full attention to detail of your website.
    • Communications are easily handled by e-mail. You can expect to be contacted by our expert team within 24 hours from receipt of your website maintenance request. We always try, and usually succeed, in accommodating any rush or emergency changes for an additional fee. Revisions that can be performed in less than half an hour are usually executed within 24 hours.
    • Existing Site Updates. Although we do many new projects from inception to completion; we also have numerous clients who come to After Dark Grafx with an existing site that they would like redesigned or maintained.
    • Hassle Free Updates. Get back to what you know best, your business! Let us handle the geeky stuff.
    • WordPress Hacked? – We can fix this too! This is usually due to outdated plugins, themes, WordPress versions or other exploit on your hosting platform.

      Just contact us for free assessment.

Affordable WordPress Website Maintenance may Include but not limited to:

  • Plugin Updates, Patches
  • Theme Updates or Patches
  • Database Optimization
  • Reduce Website Bloat
  • Update existing content & graphics such as special offers, product changes, pricing changes, new product and services announcements
  • Adding, updating and removing Web page content or Web pages
  • Adding, updating and removing products from online catalogs
  • Resizing and uploading images
  • Adding, updating and removing Audio or Video
  • Website optimization for search engine friendliness and/or faster load time
  • Automatic broken link checker and corrections
  • Advice and guidance on website management and marketing
  • Assisting clients in the usage of email and control panel
  • Acting as a liaison with your web hosting company
  • Site Administration Support (Including e-mails)
  • Identifying and correcting site errors
  • Shopping cart product updates and MORE!

Time is not cumulative. Any overages on time are billable at hourly rates.


Free Trial









Update Text

Update Plugins

Update Theme 
(non ecommerce)

Install Modules/Apps

Add, Update, Edit Images

Update Pages, Descriptions, Forms

3 Hours / Month




Update Text

Update Plugins

Update Theme
(ecommerce if applicable)

Install Modules/Apps

Add, Update, Edit Images

Update Pages, Descriptions, Forms

6 Hours / Month




Update Text

Free 30-day trial

Update Theme or E-Commerce Version If Applicable

Install Modules/Apps

Add, Update, Edit Images

Update Pages, Descriptions, Forms, Add Products, Collections or Categories

15 Hours / Month


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In some cases, we may go a little bit over on time but we usually do not bill for the additional time if it is not more than 30mins over the chosen hours. We will always let you know if we need more time to complete your request and the cost.

We will contact you once you remit your order. We will need access to your website but will send you an email with exactly what we need.

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