Why Marketing Your Business with Postcards Makes Sense


Advertising effectively and cost efficiently is often a mystery to many businesses. There is a multitude of options out there and finding the best method to market your business can often be difficult. One of the most efficient forms of advertising, especially in recent years, is something known as direct mail postcards. I’m sure that you’ve gotten marketing postcards in the mail and chances are you even responded to some of them. Postcards are extremely effective because they command almost 100% readership. Unlike a coupon in an envelope or other types of direct mail pieces- it is almost impossible to throw away a postcard without at least looking at it and seeing what it is about.


Studies show that direct mail marketing brings in a higher return on investment than any other form of mail advertising and postcards are one the most effective types of direct mail. Why is this? Well, when marketing with postcards you are able to use a targeted mailing list. What’s that mean? It means unlike TV or Newspaper or Radio that markets to the masses with direct mail you can market only to people and businesses that have a high probability of needing and/or wanting your product/service. Being able to accurately target prospects combined with the almost 100% readership means people will respond - it’s as simple as that. Here’s how direct mail postcards can grow your business:


Postcard marketing is an easy fit in any business’s budget!


With the typical cost of about $0.30 per postcard (including design, printing, mailing, list, and postage) you can mail a postcard to a client or prospect every month for an entire year for less than $4.00 total. Compare this to the revenue you can generate from new clients and the revenue from repeat sales to existing clients and you’ll see that postcard marketing can provide a great return on investment for your advertising dollars. Once your advertising starts providing a positive return on investment your business will grow and you’ll be able to increase your marketing even more until your business reaches the level of success you want.


Postcard marketing is easy, painless and fast!
Since there is limited space on a postcard, you don’t have to spend hours behind the keyboard writing several pages on sales content. When it comes down to it, all you need is a headline that grabs the reader’s attention, some informative bullet points, a compelling offer, and a call to action.


Postcard marketing is effective in any industry!
It doesn’t matter what business industry you are in because postcard advertising can work to your benefit. It doesn’t matter if you are a lawn care company, tanning salon, restaurant or auto dealership. If you have customers (and every business does) postcard marketing will work for you. Plus, it doesn’t matter how big you are because small and large businesses can use postcard marketing to generate the steady flow of new business needed to make your company successful!


After Dark Grafx Mailing focuses on helping businesses, no matter what industry; create effective and cost-efficient postcard designs. Let us show you how marketing can be done at affordable rates!



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