iPhone Outgoing Server Settings

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Directly from ATT FORUMS: http://forums.wireless.att.com/t5/Apple-iPhone/iPhone-email-SMTP-support/td-p/1770592

The outgoing mail server setup will usually depend on who your email provider is.

You can use the ATT outgoing mail server (cwmx.com) if your using  data plan for free.  However it won’t work on a WiFi connection:

AT&T Outgoing E-mail (SMTP) Server Policy

What are the AT&T outgoing E-mail (SMTP) server names?


ISP E-mail servers


Outgoing Servers

AT&T will provide support for sending E-mail using AT&T owned and operated outgoing server addresses:

  • AT&T customers use “cwmx.com
    • Standard POP/IMAP compatible via port 25 with no SSL
    • Supports up to 3 MB files
  • Former AT&T Wireless customers use “smtp.mymmode.com
    • Standard POP/IMAP compatible via port 25 with no SSL
    • Supports up to 10 MB files

The configuration and use of any other outgoing server address will not be supported due to several factors including, but not limited to, the inability for the outgoing server to authenticate users (whether by IP or username/password) that are not directly connected to that Internet Service Providers network. This is mainly done to prevent unsolicited users from sending SPAM via the ISP’s servers.

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